New Year

            If, like me, you have spent any amount of time online within the past two weeks, you have undoubtedly come across Top 10 lists and resolutions, and pros and cons for the new year. I have never been very big a new year’s resolutions for a few reasons. First, I do not like to start something I won’t finish. Generally by the time I remember I (cringe to type) “should” come up with some type of goal, I don’t have much time to come up with something clever or creative that will truly benefit my life. Secondly, I live my life with goals. It doesn’t take a date on the calendar to remind me that life is lived in perpetual motion, so I am often addressing the stagnant areas of my life and choosing a way to reset the momentum. Lastly, it feels de-motivating in a way, to be limited to a resolution on the new year. If I decide that I want to learn a new language in October, but I know that might make a good resolution, I am more likely to put it off until January 1. By the time January arrives, I don’t feel the pressing urge I had in the moment to learn that language, and suddenly it becomes something that never happens.

            So rather than waiting for my fresh start tomorrow, I decided to write this short post today. I don’t want to be negative to those for whom resolutions work. I just want the pressure of “major life change” to dissipate slightly. I think people are more motivated to complete something they want to do rather than something they have to do. If now feels like the right time for it, more power to you, but I encourage reflection before action. Chart your trajectory and determine if the path looks good. That is where more time is spent.

            And if you were curious, I do not have a “resolution” per se, but I do have goals that I am currently working on. The first is my self-care. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making more time for fitness has made a marked change in my approach to work, so it will be something I continue into the new year. And second is this blog. It was an idea for so much longer than it has been a reality, and I plan to reverse that. I have found a great source of joy in utilizing this medium, and through constructive feedback and support, I plan to continue with weekly postings for as long as possible.

            So thank you for 2013, and see you in the new year. 

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